Comment Of The Day

Since yesterday's comment of the day was so popular, we struggled to find one today that would be just as compelling... At first it seemed that a comment in the Apple Year-End Report Card was going to take it, but then about 40 other commenters said the same thing, by also calling the Giz "fanboys"; so that quickly… » 12/21/07 7:45pm 12/21/07 7:45pm

Comment Of The Day

Today's comment of the day was actually a reply to the worst comment of the day (go figure); and can both be found under another one of our excuses to post pictures of a woman, in Christmas attire, holding gadgety junk. To make sure you get the comments full effect, we'll post the worst comment first, and then the… » 12/20/07 8:10pm 12/20/07 8:10pm

Sony Says Goodbye To Rear Projection TVs

UPDATE: We have confirmed that this means no 70XBR5 70-inch SXRD!! One of our favorite TVs of the 2007 lineup will now just be a fondly remembered one-night stand. We knew the delay sounded suspicious.

A Sony spokesman has stated that Sony will soon be exiting the rear projection TV business as soon as their current… » 12/19/07 8:33pm 12/19/07 8:33pm

Comment Of The Day

Today's comment of the day came to us while browsing the comments for the Turbo Toaster; and although we anticipated to read jokes criticizing the Queen lovin' Redcoat's inability to make tasty food, this comment was sadly not one of them. Dustybutt's (wish that wasn't his name) comment proved to be very entertaining… » 12/19/07 8:21pm 12/19/07 8:21pm

32GB Creative Zen Available Now, Really?

A few weeks ago Creative confirmed that the 32GB Zen was coming, but sadly would not see the light of day till the second quarter of 2008. Well, it appears that Creative's US site is showing the 32GB Zen in stock and available for shipment. For some reason the Zen product page doesn't show the 32GB model in stock when… » 12/18/07 9:46pm 12/18/07 9:46pm

Got a Bum Strum, Get a Free Game

EA's warranty efforts to replace broken Rock Band Guitars has been seeing some delays, and in response to the delayed replacements, EA is offering a free game for those who are affected. So, those of you who still have a bum strum button and haven't requested a replacement, you might want to do it soon, so you… » 12/03/07 7:50pm 12/03/07 7:50pm

TiVo Getting Switched Video Privileges For More Channels via CableCARD

TiVo and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) have announced a new external adapter that will bring switched video capabilities to CableCARD devices, such as series 3 TiVos. Due in the second quarter of 2008, this adapter will finally put good use to that spare USB connector found on new TiVos.… » 11/26/07 8:20pm 11/26/07 8:20pm

Philips Xenium 9@9u Gets FCC Love

Philips' line of Xenium 9@9 cellphones are best known for their incredibly long battery life. The new Xenium 9@9u that has just been given the FCC unveiling seems to be at the bottom of the Xenium battery life scale, with an expected run time of one month on standby and up to 8 hours of talk time from a single charge. » 11/23/07 2:42pm 11/23/07 2:42pm

Mllamp Brings Luxo Jr. to Life

Kitchen Budapest's Mllamp project is out to give everyday items the ability to simulate emotions. As you can see from the video, a pair of lamps have been rigged to mimic human emotions. What those human emotions are, we're not sure. We just know that these lamps totally remind us of Pixar's mascot, Luxo Jr. [Kitchen… » 11/22/07 1:30pm 11/22/07 1:30pm

A Set of Chocolate Tools Please

The holidays are all about candy, and nothing says holiday sweets like a set of chocolate tools. Wait, is that right? We know there are chocolate shaped bunnies, Champaign bottles and even gadgets, so we guess chocolate tools aren't that strange. These photos from Sicily, Italy, show a set of working chocolate tools,… » 11/22/07 12:20pm 11/22/07 12:20pm

Afternoon News: Alltel's Pearl 8130, $6 Billion Ink Over-Charge and…

• The American Consumer Institute estimates that consumers overpay for printer ink by $6 billion a year, since there is no competition in the market of printer ink. [Cameratown via Gadget Lab]
• Alltel will be releasing its version of the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 just in time for the holidays, with a price of $149 after… » 11/21/07 7:48pm 11/21/07 7:48pm

Air Hockey for iPhone Sadly Doesn't Use Air

Today's iApp-a-Day brought iPhone users a surprisingly fun game, Air Hockey. This 2-player game takes advantage of the multi-touch display by having the player's finger control their air hockey mallet. The game can be a bit buggy at times, especially when your mallet goes out of control and hits the puck into a… » 11/20/07 3:50pm 11/20/07 3:50pm

iRadio Brings Streaming Radio to iPhone, YAY

iRadio, by Conceited Software, just received an update which brings it much closer to being a valuable iPhone app. The app is basically a SHOUTcast player for the iPhone that allows playing and browsing of thousands of online stations. The app works best under WiFi, but is not limited to it, and does work while using… » 11/16/07 8:24pm 11/16/07 8:24pm

EeePC Getting Windows XP Version in December

Along side the Eee Desktop news we told you about earlier, Jonathan Tseng, VP of marketing at Asus, also stated that a Windows XP version of the Eee PC would be available this December. With no word on a specific release date, specs or price, we can only hope the Windows version doesn't bump up the cost even more. [… » 11/09/07 5:57pm 11/09/07 5:57pm

Keyboard Dice Brings Geek to the Streets

Jaehyung Hong, the the same designer that developed the Bluetooth lanyard we showed you earlier, has a slightly simpler design for us. This time it's a set of keyboard dice assembled from the keys of an old keyboard. Each side of the die has a specific key that would correlate to any set of game rules. But don't… » 11/07/07 4:50pm 11/07/07 4:50pm

Earth Electric Utility Vehicle Should Be The New ATV

The Model One ATV is an electric, all terrain vehicle outed as the the world's first "Earth Utility Vehicle." A creation of Barefoot Motors, the Model One has Mythbuster legend Jamie Hyneman as design engineer. Their goal was to create a vehicle designed to work in nature that would be eco-friendly while still… » 11/05/07 8:27pm 11/05/07 8:27pm